Sri Lanka to launch multi-million-dollar tourism promotion campaign. ‘About time, too’, say industry insiders


Sri Lanka is about to launch the first phase of a multi-year, US$45 million tourism promotional campaign, starting with a US$650,000 roll-out on CNN platforms by end April.

Additionally, reports Feizal Samath for TTG, “a larger, six-month digital marketing campaign targeting China, India, the UK, Germany and France worth US$3.5 million would be ready by end May”.

The campaign will be illustrated with a picture of traditional stilt fishermen at sunset near Galle, a perennial tourist attraction that is now something of a leitmotif for foreign visitors.


It won’t end there. Once the digital campaign tapers off, a US$41 million global marketing campaign will take off as part of a three-year programme later this year.

Sri Lanka is targeting 2.3 million arrivals this year from 2.1 million in 2017, and the global marketing campaign will focus on the five main markets plus three others, such as the Middle East, Australia and Japan.

Says Shiromal Cooray, managing director of market-leading, Jetwing Travels: “This is long overdue, and the quicker it starts the better. Our visitors and potential visitors need to be constantly reminded about Sri Lanka and its attractions.”

Meanwhile, says Harith Perera, president of the Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators: “We are targeting all social media and B2C customers. The global marketing campaign later in the year encapsulates everything, above the line, below the line, to digital.”

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