Sri Lanka restaurants ‘must improve to attract tourists’ says minister

Sri Lanka has some of the best restaurants in the world, celebrated for their flair in matching spicy Sri Lankan sea-foody favourites with demanding tourist palettes.

We also have some of the ‘not so best’. Pretty awful, in fact, and this has got to change, and change fast, according to Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga.

‘A good or a bad experience can influence thousands of visitors through social media’

Amaratunga was launching a new drive to bring all of Sri Lanka’s eating places up to scratch—by which he means “there should not be any compromise on hygiene, food quality and service”.

The website reports him as saying: “A good or a bad experience can influence thousands of potential visitors through social media.

“While some of our restaurants have become world famous for their unique quality, others have become equally famous for their poor quality.”


He was presenting certificates to tourist-friendly eating places in Kandy, where he stressed that the growth of the tourism industry depended on the quality of the products and services on offer.

The aim is to upgrade basic standards of eating places in tourist zones, “creating awareness over the necessity of providing standard food services at all eating places in the country and encouraging them to upgrade service standards on par with international standards”.

High-spenders welcome!

He said: “Our intention is to position Sri Lanka as an upmarket destination targeting high-spenders.

“If we are to attract the high-end market and optimise tourism revenue, keeping it in line with the Government’s strategy, our products and services must be geared to cater to this segment.

“Then only can we demand a premium for what is offered.”

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