Niharika Jaiswal is a luxury marketing guru in India who started Opiniated Head after her first visit to Sri Lanka. She says: “It is that kind of place that inspires you, that gives you that rare peaceful joy that we are all looking for and hardly every find.”

In the first of three (so far) posts, An Island Far Far Away, she writes that “Sri Lanka might not be the most beautiful country that I have been to but without a doubt, it was the most special trip of my life so far. That is the kind of place Sri Lanka is, It is overwhelmingly beautiful yet very simple in its ways.

“It is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean with a rich and diverse landscape ranging from beautiful hills and invigorating rainforests to breathtaking sandy beaches. A lot of beautiful breathtaking Sandy beaches, far far away from the brassy ways of today’s life.

In her second post, Hills In A Distant Part Of The World she heads straight for Nuwara Eliya. “It’s cool climate and breathtaking hilly countryside covered in tea plantations and light fog is almost dreamy and a perfect escape from the summer’s heat.

“The city has an English Countryside feel, there is a Racecourse, a Golf Club, colonial-era bungalows, in fact, the whole city has a colonial-era theme going on. There are hotels that are made to fit the theme, The Grand of Nuwara Eliya is on such hotel and a lovely property I must say.”

Finally, Going Where The Heart Takes You takes her to Arugam Bay on Sri Lanka’s southeast coast, “the best place for a surfing vacation in the country. I am not a surfer but I wanted to try it, maybe I am a surfer, I just don’t know it yet”.

En route she passes through Ella: “Sunny yet not too hot, the cool breeze was invigorating, I sat there for a while taking it all in, breathing in the smell of the wild and letting joy fill every cell of my body. Ella has this refreshing, galvanizing effect on you, it enlivens you.

“The valley was lit up with lights and the sky was full of stars, millions and trillions of stars. The wind had a sweet fragrance of some flower or some tree, and it was just a little chilly, such a beautiful night it was.

“The morning, the sunrise was even more beautiful, the sky was glowing with a crimson hue, the freshness of morning breeze in that balcony was beyond compare.”

Altogether, well worth a read.


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