Sri Lanka off-season tourism boost saves the best for a rainy day in the capital city Colombo!


The so-called tourism ‘off season’ in Sri Lanka runs from September through November during the monsoon rainy season—but there’s still a huge amount to see and do!

That’s especially the case in the capital Colombo, a multicultural cornucopia of three religions—Buddhism, Christianity and Islam—and British and Dutch colonial influences.

Which is why Travel Wire Asia reports that the government “is ramping up efforts to ensure that tourists visit the island even during off season”.


The Tourism Promotion Bureau is focusing potential tourists in China, India, and the Middle East, and will launch its first campaign before the winter season starts.

Says TWA: “Today, the country is dubbed as one of the world’s greatest tourist hot spots by several international publications.”

“Having been ruled successively by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British in the past, Colombo is blessed with architecture that represents the heritage of its previous rulers.


“From mixed colonial buildings with high-rises to glossy new hotel complexes, to stylish galleries and shops and shopping malls, Colombo’s cosmopolitan side has a character like no other.

“Food is in abundance as well, with restaurants serving up delicious local eats, carts selling a mouthwatering rainbow of street chow, and tiny convivial cafes offering great spaces to chat over coffee.

“Be sure to set out to explore on foot as well, as the island has been a center of Buddhist scholarship and learning, with around 6,000 Buddhist monasteries and approximately 15,000 monks.”

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