Sri Lanka: the magnificent Lion Rock, wonderful sights—and one of the best train journeys in the world!


Jayne, a British expat blogger in Australia, writes about must-visit destinations, boutique hotels and food, and her Girl Tweets World has a whole section on the delights of Sri Lanka.

Her latest post is on our magnificent Lion Rock Fortress (pictured above), “the most impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site … literally stuffed full of sacred stupas and ancient temples”.

The piece is full of useful tips for first-time visitors, including visiting the must-see museum, wearing sturdy shoes, and breaking it into sections. “There’s no need to rush to the top – just enjoy the climb!”

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In her post on what to see and where to stay, she says that “one of the things I love about Sri Lanka is the range of boutique villas, homely guesthouses and independent hotels that make your stay in Sri Lanka as wonderful as the sights you go to see there”.

“During my two trips to this country, I’ve often learned more about the culture, history and cuisine of the country from the staff and hosts at my accommodation then I have wandering the streets.

“Sri Lanka has such a vast array of incredible experiences to offer – from UNESCO heritage sites, to elephant safaris and endless beaches – so I teamed up my favourite things to do with incredible places to stay.”

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But it was the train, and one particularly journey, that really caught her imagination. “Up until this point I have seen train journeys as nothing but a burden. Something that must be endured if I am to get to work or travel across a country.”

That was until she took the trip from Kandy to Ella, widely hailed as one of the most stunningly scenic train journeys in the world, which winds through the hills and valley of our magnificent Hill Country.

“And then came that view. You know it was something special when I tell you it distracted me from my phone, laptop and book. The fact I did not even want for food relates how hypnotising just hanging my head out the window became.”

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