One of the UK’s top-selling popular newspapers is featuring the delights of Sri Lanka that are bringing tourists flocking to our shores from all corners of the world.

Hannah Britt writes in the Sunday Express of her amazing visit to one of our turtle hatcheries, which are dedicated to safeguarding these beautiful ocean wonderers.

She says: “I’m sitting among hundreds of tiny turtles, all clambering over each other racing to be the first one to make it to the sea. Some are barely three days old.

Welcome to the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project on Sri Lanka’s south west coast which sees thousands bred and released each year.

This very rustic centre sits right on the beach. There’s different sized pools and hatching pods housing injured and baby turtles as well as eggs about to be hatched.”


Still on a maritime theme, she extols Mirissa and Beruwala Beach, “a picture-perfect stretch of sand and surfers’ paradise. It is also the best place to catch a sunset”.

Meanwhile, she is on safari in Yala National Park—“one of the best places in the world to see leopards … open plains where wild elephants and buffalo graze on grasses, muddy waterholes with wild boar and deer and dense patches of forest, home to monkeys and the place for big cats to cool off.

Kandy, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and cultural centre of Sri Lanka, also catches here eye, as does Lunuganga, the house of Geoffrey Bawa, renowned architect and ‘father of tropical modernism’.


And, of course, Sri Lanka’s delicious food. “Into the clay pots went chopped green leaves, foraged locally, mixed with black pepper and freshly, hand-grated coconut to make a sambal dish so delicious I wanted to stuff the leftovers in my pocket.”

And last, but definitely not least, time for tea! “My favourite was the cinnamon chai, which tasted like Christmas in a cup. For around £45, artisan tea brand Teaeli provide 90-minute lessons on how to make the perfect brew. It’s harder than you think.”

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