We at Pledge Holidays love a touch of glamour, especially when it features some of Sri Lanka’s best beaches—which these pics of Indian heartthrob Kapil Sharma’s onscreen wife Manju, aka Sumona Chakravarti, surely do.

As Bollywood.com notes: “Our actors and actresses slog around for the whole year but they love to take a break in the New Year’s. Sumona Chakravarti is doing just that in Sri Lanka.

“The lovely actress is chilling on the beaches of the island nation and rejuvenating before she begins the year. Sumona has been travelling quite a bit recently.”

Kapil Sharma is a stand-up comedian, television presenter and actor who hosts a comedy show on Sony Entertainment Television named The Kapil Sharma Show.

Meanwhile, back to Sumona, she has been posting Instagram snaps from Mirissa, a premier south-coast Sri Lanka beach resort renowned for its sightings of whale and dolphins.

She also spent time in Habaraduwa, where she was staying in plush villa complete with an infinity pool. Says Bollywood.com: “The coolest video is one where she is jumping on the beach in a blue swimsuit.”

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