Sri Lanka has everything—adventure, landscapes, beaches, wildlife—and food to die for!


Sri Lanka has everything for the world’s holidaymakers seeking adventure, amazing landscapes, terrific beaches, wildlife, magic, mystery—and food to die for!

Which is why NDTV Food highlights five ‘must-try’ restaurants in capital-city Colombo, where history and haute cuisine come together.

Whether it’s the gastronomic pleasures of Sri Lanka’s peerless seafood, or the simple—but simply delicious—egg hopper, it’s all here.


Writes Ashwin Rajagopalan: “You only have to walk past Galle Face Road to sense a new energy that’s sweeping Sri Lanka’s capital.”

And then there’s the Dutch Hospital dining and retail hub “where you can experience some of the best restaurants in Colombo”.

That includes the famed Ministry of Crab, “one of the most sensational new restaurants in Colombo, a venture of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayewardene, two of the country’s most accomplished cricketers”.


Ashwin especially likes Kaema Sutra, “a whole new take on Sri Lankan cuisine and one of the most exciting new restaurants in Colombo”.

Here you can sample the black hopper, an “audacious take” on one of Sri Lanka’s favourite—with good reason—snacks.

There’s more—much more. Click here to read more of Ashwin’s top tips on where to find some of the best food in Sri Lanka!

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