Sri Lanka film festival celebrates world-renowned French director Agnès Varda

French cinema is renowned throughout the world, and one of its best-known film-makers will be appearing at this year’s Jaffna International Cinema Festival from September 15–20.

The French Embassy in Sri Lanka and the Alliance Française are partners and sponsors of this cultural event, and will be introducing one of two retrospectives dedicated to the French movie director Agnès Varda.

Featured will be the film ‘Rosalie Blum’ by Julien Rappeneau, an example of the French ‘New Wave’ film movement of which Varda is one of the leaders. She is mostly known for her impressive use of images in unusual locations with unknown actors.

The purpose of the festival, to be staged at Kailasapathy Auditorium, University of Jaffna, and the Majestic Cineplex in Hospital Road, Cargills Square, is to reach and connect communities from all other the world through independent cinema.

Creating an understanding of other cultures

The main objective is to celebrate independent cinema in the Jaffna peninsula whilst creating an understanding of other cultures, promote harmony and mutual understanding through cinema.

It also encourages young filmmakers by screening their debut films and short films. This is a major event in Jaffna that aims at building up a platform of freedom of expression and encouraging the creativity of young artists.

With 45 features and a short film competition with 2,000 entries worldwide, a diversified and exciting program is pretty much guaranteed!

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