Writes international food blogger Elizabeth: “They say love conquers all, and in Sri Lanka: The Cookbook, husband and wife duo Prakash Sivanathan and Niranjala Ellawala’s love for their homeland cuisine shines”.

Elizabeth describes herself as “mum of three, daydream adventurer … & quite possibly Britain’s most northerly food blogger”.

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary is a mélange of everything to do with food and cookery from all over the world—which is also, she says, the underlying foodie ethos described in the book.

“As well as absorbing influences from India, the Middle East, Far East, Asia and myriad European invaders, the small island also has strong Singhalese and Tamil cooking traditions and this cookbook brings these styles together to showcase the best of the country’s culinary heritage.

“Sri Lanka: The Cookbook brings together feather-light hoppers, fiery sambols, subtly spiced curries, pickles, chutneys and unique ‘vada’ (fried snacks) in this definitive collection of Sri Lanka’s most authentic and vibrant recipes.


“Explore this spellbinding destination through the original travel and food photography, and dig into 100 recipes that celebrate the island’s ingredients, its history, its culture, its kitchens and its people.”

And says Prakash: “My wife and I have lived in London for many years, but I was born a Tamil in the Jaffna peninsula in the north of Sri Lanka, and Niranjala is a Sinhalese from the south.

“Between us, we have a deep understanding and love of the unique styles of cooking that together make up our island’s cuisine. We hope this provides a record of Sri Lankan history and diversity for generations to come.”

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