Sri Lanka ‘clean, green and serene’ while attracting Hindu devotees, says Indian media professor


More and more Indian tourists are visiting Sri Lanka, especially during the school holidays, writes Professor Ujjwal K Chowdhury in the Deccan Chronicle.

Not only that, but he quotes statistics showing that 70 percent of those visitors find our tropical paradise “delightful”, with the remaining 30 percent saying we are “satisfying”.

Meanwhile, 45 think “Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical country; 30 percent that the people of Sri Lanka are nice and hospitable; 24 percent talk about the pristine beaches with golden sand”.


Professor Chowdhury, who is School Head, School of Media, Pearl Academy, Delhi and Mumbai, adds: “For us, we loved the diverse attractions. Finally 3 out of 10 Indians are repeat visitors. We surely want to join these three sometime again in near future.”

He notes that a survey by Sri Lanka Tourism shows that 63 percent of Indians love sightseeing, 49 percent go shopping, and 41 percent prefer sea bathing.

Meanwhile, “Sri Lanka has not just pristine beaches but also places of religious significance for Hindus, as places relating to mythology Ramayana are located there.”


The professor was particularly taken with Kandy, with many religious sights related to Hinduism, the Hanumakovil being situated less than two hours drive from the city.

And the Sita Amman Temple, located halfway between the highland village Sita Eliya and the Hakgala Botanical Gardens, “has become the most venerated of all Ramayana Trail sites in Sri Lanka”.

Finally, he was mightily impressed with the cleanliness of our public places, which he says are an example for India’s Swachh Bharat Mission to clean up India’s urban areas.

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