As the DCist ‘voice of Washington DC’ says, forget the American breakfast bagel and try a taste of one of Sri Lanka’s favourite ‘start the day’ foodie favourites.

The website is visiting Short Eats, a pop-up café at Ten Tigers Parlour, which “wants to add a little more spice to the morning commute with Sri Lankan street food”.

It offers a simple menu: “A breakfast version of ground sausage, turkey, or veggie roti pockets. The flaky pastries, stuffed with poached eggs, ground potatoes, leeks, onion, and a dash of lime, are served warm with optional pol sambol, a crushed chili coconut dish.”

DCist reports that founder Yohan Ferdinando, who was born and raised in Sri Lanka, says that “the recipes have been passed down for generations; his mother used to cater the same dishes for family and friends.

“It’s easy to tell the roti runs in his blood. The pillow-soft pocket of dough offset by a rich hint of spices tastes as though it was perfected by years of expertise. Now Ferdinando wants to share them with a wider circle.

“It’s like the Starbucks of Sri Lanka,” he says. “ In DC, everyone’s on their way to work. In a dream world, we’d be able to open the windows and hand them out.”

Looks good, tastes good—and does you good!

Read more here.

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