The amazing health benefits of Sri Lanka’s traditional ayurveda treatments are lauded by UK-based International Business Times writer Maike Martin while staying at one of our island-wide wellness spas

Fruit “plucked fresh from a tree and sliced up on a plate for your breakfast”.

He asks: “So why would you go all the way to Sri Lanka to cleanse your liver, eat healthily and recharge your body?”

And answers: “Because it’s much easier and more enjoyable to do when your body is bathed in the warm of tropical heat, where fruit falls off trees wherever you look, where the tea is as fresh as it can be and where your eyes and ears are soothed by blue skies and seas.”

It’s also the perfect place to unwind, he says, “with a series of treatments known as ‘Ayurveda’, designed to beat the stress out of your body with massages, steams, oils, treatments and baths”.

This begins with the food and drink you consume, especially fruit “plucked fresh from a tree and sliced up on a plate for your breakfast”, and of course our famed Ceylon tea, “so delicious it never really occurs that it is caffeine-free”.

And then there are the treatments. “Even the most cynical of stress denialists have to admit that three days of being pummelled, scrubbed, steamed and covered in hot mud results in the body simply giving up trying to resist,” he says.

Read the full report here.

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