For all you adventurous ladies out there, travelling solo to Sri Lanka can be a bit fraught, to say the least. Where to go, what to do—and what not to do?

Go Girls Guides is there to help, and are here offering some timely and welcome advice on how to cope with some of the cultural issues you will face.

Writes Kelly: “My initial perceptions of congested Colombo left me feeling overwhelmed, and in short, I just wasn’t totally sold. But after two weeks of traveling around this beautiful island, I’m singing a different tune.” Her advice includes:

Choose a good place to start

Your initial impression of a place can be make or break for how you’ll feel about the country down the road. That’s why I think it’s super important to choose a nicer place to arrive to when you first get in.

Dress modestly

This is a relatively conservative country, so it’s best to keep a little covered up. You don’t have to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants every day, it’s way too hot for that, but t-shirts are preferred over tank tops.

Learn to cope with the staring

At first the staring totally put me off. But I found the best way to combat the staring here is simply just to say “hello” or “good morning” to the person. After a couple of weeks I came to the conclusion that it was mostly just curiosity.

Cover your tattoos

If you have any Buddhist or religious tattoos, in particular, keep them covered. In years past there have been reports of travelers being deported for having Buddhist and Hindu tattoos.

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