Smash hit UK TV series Good Karma Hospital returns to Sri Lanka to shoot series two at Unawatuna and Wilehena


The Good Karma Hospital—a UK TV series set in India but shot in Sri Lanka—has been a huge hit, in no small part because of our spectacular scenery, particularly our southern beaches.

Now the production team is back at Unawatuna for series two, with Broadcast website’s Olly Grant reporting that tourists “have begun to pitch up for selfie opportunities under the hospital sign”.

Meanwhile, producer Jeremy Gwilt has been particularly impressed with the enthusiasm of the local crew sourced through Sri Lanka-based The Film Team, and make up the bulk of the production.


As we previously reported, last time round the two main stars, Phyllis Logan and Neil Morrissey, loved the location, and are now enjoying every minute of this second opportunity.

Neil Morrissey on Unawatuna: “At the southern tip of Sri Lanka, the beach is beautiful during the day and has everything: sun, sea, great surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving.”

Phyllis Logan on whale-watching in Mirissa: “It was amazing. And afterwards we were back on land in time for a breakfast of hoppers, which is the classic Sri Lankan dish of bowl-shaped pancakes made with rice flour and coconut milk.”


The biggest undertaking was a Keralan houseboat, which they built on Koggala Lake, a half-hour hop up the road.

The team has also broadened the scope of locations: two of the episodes were shot in Wilehena, an old tea plantation about an hour’s drive east.

“It’s good to be able to show the topography and geography of the wonderful landscape, and to use those wider lenses,” says Gwilt.

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