Shangri-La Hotel in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo features on World Travel magazine’s Luxury List 2018


World Travel magazine’s Luxury List 2018 of the best hotels on the planet is featuring the über-de-luxe Shangri-La in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

Says the magazine’s website: “The exotic and new drives our Luxury 50 List this year.

“These newly minted hotels all have secrets to uncover, whether in the stories of their inspirations, history, or in their unique experience of luxury.”


It adds that all are “designed for exploration of the world within and as oases from the modern world. Where relationships are the new adventure, and hunting for the best selfies the new safari”.

For the Shangri-La, it urges visitors to “indulge in the exotic on the shores of Colombo”.

The 35-floor tower is “a special place that reflects the importance and the beauty of its location with world-class luxury and the very finest service”.


Better still, “cherished local design elements like lotus flowers, basketry, inlaid chocolate-wood ceilings, and stylised restaurants set the stage for the social scene here”.

“Indulge in a moment of peace during high tea reminiscing about bygone colonial days.

“Enjoy a variety of culinary adventures at distinctive venues like the vibrant Capital Bar & Grill featuring live music along with steaks and seafood; DharshanNunidasa’sKaema Sutra serving reimagined small plates of Sri Lankan cuisine; and Shang Palace’s Chinese delicacies.”


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