Seen In The City blogger discovers Amari Galle, ‘Sri Lanka’s heavenly new resort’

Seen In The City blogger Natasha Colyer couldn’t have been more charmed by Amari Galle, “a place of tranquillity in a city of rural charm and unrivalled beauty, lush green landscape and bustling towns and picturesque shores with dusty sands”.

She writes: Sri Lanka is still a precious and somewhat underestimated destination. If you want to discover the sensational beaches, inside-track eateries and secrets of the island, there’s no better place to stay.

Situated just off the coast of India, Sri Lanka is a beautiful and captivating island filled with invisible worlds, cultures and traditions.

Sri Lanka is both mesmerising and captivating, offering a pared back version of the mania in some of the main Indian cities. It’s vibrant, perplexing and fascinating, with lush greenlands paving the way to dusty side streets, markets and bustling towns.

It is an oasis of calm and a haven of tranquillity, offering functionality with traditionality. It sits right on the seafront, with swaying palm trees, golden sands and a sea view that stretches on for miles.

The hotel offers audacious grandeur; it’s soothing as it is practical, with a spiritual luxury woven deep into its core.

Amari Galle offers good choice for dining, with their buffet restaurant offering a wide selection of dishes from curries to more classic cuisine such as potatoes and chicken.

The restaurant takes inspiration from the rich street food of the region, the sounds of chicken sizzling, rice boiling and sauces swirling all offer an insight to the rich foodie culture of Galle.

The cooking station allows you to watch the chefs at work and really offers the chance to experience the delicious flavours of Asia.

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