Sri Lanka is globally renowned among travellers and marine conservationists as a prime location for watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

British photographer Christopher Swann runs a whale-watching centre in the UK and has devoted his life to photographing these magnificent denizens of the deep.

My Modern Met website notes that “with over 25 years of experience diving and running whale- and dolphin-watching holidays around the world, the photographer has become finely attuned to the behaviors of these majestic creatures, enabling him to venture close to them for intimate and eye-opening portraits”.

Swann explains how he has “been at sea sailing since I was 17 (40 years ago) and I love the beauty and perfection of the sea. Cetaceans epitomise that, and nothing is more perfect than any cetacean underwater, but whales are really special.

“To see animals so huge yet so graceful, so at ease and at one with their surroundings, is exquisite.”

He describes how he has been looking at whales for the last 25 years. “It is what I do almost every day. Originally, I ran whale-watching holidays, first in the Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland and then in the Canary Islands–two very different locations: one cold and grey, the other in clear blue sunlit water–that started my desire to swim with cetaceans. I have spent all that time getting to know many species and how they react, how to get yourself in the right place, etc.”

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