Peckish pachyderm gives adventurous Lanka Challenger a bite more than he bargained for!


Sri Lanka’s epic Lanka Challenge, the wild and wonderful annual tuk-tuk race around the island, was more challenging than expected for an unnamed intrepid Irishman!

He stopped to give a wild elephant a quick snack—but when the peckish pachyderm wanted more he didn’t take no for an answer.

Result? One upturned tuk-tuk and one shaken and stirred adventurer thanking his lucky stars that he scrambled out of the three-wheeler before it bit the dust.

Best not to do this!

Says Irish website JOE: “If you ever encounter a wild elephant, it might be best not to do this!

“There’s such a thing as being too friendly, which this Irishman in Sri Lanka discovered to his detriment when he encountered a wild elephant all the way down in Sri Lanka.

“Our pal—his vehicle proudly donning the green, white and gold—stops to offer his new friend some food.

“The elephant stops, takes the food, then promptly topples the Irishman’s tuk-tuk in the middle of the road. The man in question, thankfully unharmed, was none too pleased afterwards having lost both his avocados and his tuk-tuk.”

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