Outstanding villa overlooking Kandy Lake in Sri Lanka transformed into boutique hotel hailed by Arch Daily


Arch Daily, billed as the world’s most visited architectural website, is spotlighting an outstanding villa/boutique hotel overlooking the historic Kandy Lake in Sri Lanka.

It notes: “The foremost experience of the site is the beautiful view across Kandy Lake towards the Maligawa (the temple of the tooth relic of Lord Buddha) and the undulating landscape of greenery and Hills beyond.”

The unobstructed, stunning view and the way the design brings natural light and ventilation through the central core of the building are its main features.

The courtyard, enclosed on top to prevent rain entering the internal spaces, “acts as a mechanism for cooling and natural light but also creates a view corridor from the front of the house towards the rear framing views of the lake and the landscape”.

The original design has five en-suite bedrooms, open plan living and entertainment space and a 40ft pool, plus a rooftop terrace that has now been further transformed to create a boutique hotel.

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