Nine first-class reasons to visit our ‘wild, a little chaotic but undoubtedly stunning’ tropical paradise!


There are a lot of good reasons to visit Sri Lanka—our “wild, a little chaotic but undoubtedly stunning” tropical paradise—and the Exploring Kiwis blog lists nine of them.

Top billing goes to the scenery: “From white sand beaches to mountain tops, dense jungle to open safari plains, there isn’t much Sri Lanka doesn’t offer in terms of scenic diversity.

“Driving through the tea fields, checking out plantations, the smell of cinnamon hanging in the air – what’s not to love?”


And then of course there’s our amazing wildlife, including whale watching, safaris, turtle releases, land monitors, chameleons and “the most gorgeous birds”.

Says blogger Sarah: “If you’re keen to spend some time immersed in nature, Sri Lanka is the place to do it.!”

But not everything in life is eu naturel, with our many luxury hotels offering “some of the best service that we’ve ever experienced, pools that are impossible to say no to and spacious, beautifully styled rooms”.


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