Two of Sri Lanka’s most luxurious and exclusive hotels are featured in a glowing piece on the Hindu Business Line website that aptly combines two of our most thriving industries—tea and tourism.

The focus is on Resplendent Ceylon, the aptly named hospitality arm of Dilmah, the renowned premium tea producer that sends daintily packaged boxes of its signature single-origin tea to over 100 countries.

Says the report: “Cape Weligama is a 39-room property that dominates the summit of a headland jutting out into the Indian Ocean, and Tea Trails, a sprawl of 26 rooms housed in five colonial planter’s bungalows, situated in picturesque tea gardens of the central provinces.”

The story notes that “both the properties have been welcomed into the prestigious Relais & Chateaux fold, a global hotel consortium specialising in niche, experiential luxury hotels”.



Exploring Sri Lanka’s famed walled city of Galle

The best to explore Sri Lanka’s famed walled city of Galle is featured by India Today in a story that described how this UNESCO World Heritage site grew out of a flourishing Old-Testament-era trade in spices, metals, stones, ivory and tropical beasts “leading to its enormous wealth”.

It continues: “As we enter town, Galle’s real charm surfaces. Elegant Dutch period buildings, villas, mansions and bungalows draped in vibrant bougainvillea, all existing cheek by jowl, their tiled roofs jostling each other for space.”

And it notes that “until the eighties, it remained a secret hideaway… But soon, news of its spun-sugar beaches, azure skies, and an air redolent of spices and wide. And vacationers started arriving faster and in great numbers”.

“Also known as the ‘Sri Lankan Riviera’, Galle’s harbour overlooks a promontory set against the dramatic backdrop of undulating hills … a safe anchor for Arab merchant vessels plying the ancient sea-lanes connecting the Old World with the New.”



Sri Lanka to shows prestige in crafts work in India

Our centuries-old crafts and creative skills were on display in India recently thanks to two marketing exhibitions organized by the Hands of Sri Lanka- National Arts and Crafts Foundation.

Sri Lanka’s official tourism website reports that “Sri Lanka always has had a reputation for creativity and new innovations. It is not only the tropical climate or the lush greenery which attracts many tourists each year, but also the ancient culture and heritage which goes back to 2,500 years”.

“Whenever tourists pay a visit to Sri Lanka, one thing they will not forget to take back home are souvenirs. These include colorful miniatures of wooden elephants, handlooms, pouches, bags made of fiber, silver, copper and brassware items, jewellery and ornaments.”

Twenty Sri Lankan artisans participated in the exhibitions, backed by the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, India, and personally supported by Ravi Karunanayake, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Finance.




Sri Lanka ready for luxury cruise tourism

Sri Lanka is poised to join the ranks of top US cruise-ship destinations after a visit to Colombo by Crystal Cruises vice-president Claudius Docekal, the Daily News reports.

The report says that “Sri Lanka is ready for upmarket luxury tourism and should capitalize on it”, adding that “he would include Sri Lanka in future Crystal Cruise calls for their 900 and 1000 passenger ships and also their luxury aircraft to Sri Lanka”.

Crystal Cruises is a major global operator in the luxury travel segment. It presently owns and operates three luxury vessels, new 200-guest Superyachts as well as 1,000-guest exclusive class of ships that will come on line in 2019.

It recently expanded into air travel and operates a luxury Global-Express private aircraft under Crystal Luxury Air, “the first in the luxury travel industry to offer around-the-world trips on the world’s most advanced twin-aisle Boeing 777-200LR Business Jet”.



Sri Lanka showcased at Russian travel market

Russia’s biggest travel exhibition recently showcased the best of Sri Lanka tourism, which was also a prime opportunity for the industry to let the world know what our Paradise island has to offer.

Sri Lankan website reports that OTDYKH Travel Fair “is Russia’s leading travel and tourism event. This is an annual event in Moscow bringing a perfect start for the upcoming winter season in the Russian market”.

It adds that “visitors were able to experience a glimpse of Sri Lanka with its exquisite beauty. The Russian community was able to get knowledge of Sri Lanka inclusive of its natural beauty, resources and vibrant festivals throughout the year”.

The Sri Lanka stand organised by the SriLanka Tourism Promotion Bureau was showcased in collaboration with the Sri Lankan mission in Russia. The Sri Lanka Stand was organised by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and saw the participation of 10 industry stakeholders.


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