Dengue is the fastest-growing mosquito-borne disease in the world, and combatting it is now a major concern for tropical tourism destinations, including Sri Lanka.

Urgent international efforts to eradicate the disease have gained added impetus across the ASEAN region with the rapid emergence of zika, which is spread by the same mosquito.

Zika causes terrible cerebral deformities in the children of women who contract the disease while pregnant, and there is no cure or treatment.

Now, in support of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Dengue Day, the Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA) has launched a new measure to combat the disease.

Dengue Mission Buzz is an online portal to increase dengue awareness and readiness within communities across Asia and everywhere the disease is established.

In the past 50 years, dengue has spread from being present in a handful of countries to being endemic in 128 countries, where about four billion people live, and dengue incidence has increased 30-fold.

The Dengue Mission Buzz portal also presents news, videos and information about dengue prevention in multiple languages.

Says Professor Usa Thisyakorn, chairman of the Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy; “By launching the Dengue Mission Buzz portal we hope to increase public awareness of dengue and its prevention in an engaging and interactive way, while encouraging greater vigilance against the disease in the region.”

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