Move over Miami Vice! Mirissa Vice ‘a whole new look to policing top Sri Lanka tourist beach resort’


Tounge-in-cheek advice that Mirissa police adopt the Miami Vice approach following violence at our premier Mirissa beach resort would add a touch of glamour to the tourist experience!

Sunday Times writer Alvin Sallay says “it will not be exactly Armani, but our tourist police will soon be wearing more public-friendly uniforms and they will have gear to match”.

“Miami Vice move over. Mirissa Vice is on the scene!”


“The sartorial overhaul for the long arm of the law was one of the few nuggets of information to come out of a long-winded seminar titled ‘Managing Issues, Change and Reputation for the Future of Tourism in Sri Lanka’.”

Suggestions included giving the police jet-skis, “as the government attempts to raise its game in the face of growing criticism from the tourism sector that the industry lacks the infrastructure to provide visitors a safe and friendly environment”.

Alvin notes that “the recent sexual harassment and assault of Dutch tourists in Mirissa had prompted Nimal Gunewardena, chief executive of Bates to take on the onerous task of highlighting the challenges facing the tourism industry”.


So “goodbye khaki, instead the cops will be attired in a ‘less-threatening’ uniform, according to Kavan Ratnayaka, chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.”

On a serious note, premier hotelier Hiran Cooray, chairman Jetwing Hotels, called for a positive attitude from the movers and shakers in the industry.

“We have to talk positively of our country, not doom and gloom. We need people to come and invest in the tourism sector and they must go into areas where tourists are not going at the moment.”

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