The Jakarta Post: If you are in transit for 48 hours at the Sri Lankan capital airport at Colombo, here’s what you could do with a free transit visa.

Negombo is a small coastal town sandwiched between the Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo and Bandaranaike International Airport. It takes about 30-40 minutes to reach it from the airport, and another one-hour journey will take you to Colombo itself.

The main thoroughfares of the town have a very touristy look, yet Negombo is not a crowded destination. It has enough restaurants and clubs to indulge in entertaining evenings; at the same time, you could easily stay away from loud cheers and parties, if that is not your cup of tea.

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Sri Lanka river paddle-boarder faced crocodile threat

BBC: A paddle-boarder faced man-eating crocodiles during his quest to travel from source to sea along the longest river in Sri Lanka.

Kev Brady from Gloucester said he was terrified as he paddled more than 200 miles (320 km) along the Mahaweli.

He now aims to paddle the 800 miles (1,300 km) around the coast of the island of Sri Lanka. He uffered minor scratches and scrapes during the journey, but the most “frightening” thing was having to paddle past the crocodiles.

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Ibiza-style beach vibe comes to Sri Lanka

The Times UK: It’s dawn off the southern tip of Sri Lanka and I’m bobbing about in a two-tiered boat when something rather thrilling happens. Until now the Indian Ocean off Mirissa Beach has stayed calm, but as the sun rises, the silvered sea parts to the curved back of an enormous blue whale.

Out it arcs, sleek and smooth, roiling the water before disappearing with a final slap from its anchor-shaped fluke.

This is a taster of great things to come. After only an hour the ocean explodes again and again to vaporous eruptions from blowholes. Our final whale count: seven blues and two Bryde’s.

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Yogata be joking! Stray dog saved from the streets of Sri Lanka

Scottish Sun: A stray dog saved from the streets of Sri Lanka has turned his life around – by learning yoga.

New owner Finlay Wilson, from Dundee, found the abandoned mutt wandering the streets during a winter holiday to Asia last year.

The stricken pooch, named Amaloh, sat by Finlay, 30, while he practised yoga and lay outside his door every morning.

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Aman’s swanky Sri Lanka offerings

Travel Weekly: There are plenty of reasons to put Sri Lanka at the top of a client’s trip list. Scenery that ranges from postcard-worthy beaches to mountainous tea plantations; spectacular ruins of ancient cities; elephant refuges and cool train trips; interesting cuisine; and friendly people.

Plus — a lure I hadn’t considered when I planned my vacation — luxury accommodations, specifically two of the fabled Aman resorts, Amangalla and Amanwella.

They are a 90-minute drive apart on the island’s south coast but occupy opposite worlds. I first checked into Amangalla, which was once the Dutch governor’s mansion anchoring Galle, a major stop for English, Dutch and Portuguese traders starting in the 16th century and is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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