The Huffington Post—Sri Lanka is feast for all senses, whether it comes to nature, architecture, culture, historic sites, culinary experiences, or design. So is India. Where India might be the ‘more exotic’ destination, Sri Lanka is oddly both less intimidating for Westerners yet less tourist driven than India.

The main reason for the lack of tourism in Sri Lanka in previous years has been the ongoing civil war. Now that the war is over, the country is open for business.

It is difficult to say how long Sri Lanka will remain unspoiled by tourism. Ironically, that’s the very reason now is the time to go, before you find a KFC on every corner. Western chain stores and brands are already in Sri Lanka, but not nearly in the same quantities as in many other places in Asia.

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Elephants and beautiful beaches on the island paradise of Sri Lanka

Eastern Daily Press UK—From tea and ancient kingdoms to the amazing wildlife and beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, Oliver Franzen and Emma Knights go in search of elephants and explore the island’s coastline.

The blazing tropical sun dropped like a stone toward the horizon, casting a kaleidoscope of colours over the surrounding jungle and distant mountains.

But we were looking in the opposite direction – transfixed by something even more magical. Huge numbers of elephants were wading into a lazily winding river to wash in the twilight, illuminated in an orange glow by the sun setting behind us.

We were at ‘The Gathering’, the largest meeting of Asian elephants in the world.

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Colombo: (Lost) Garden City Of The East—Towering and majestic, the grand old trees that dot Colombo’s sidewalks are so much a part of the city’s identity that they are often overlooked by those who walk or drive past them every day.

The number of trees has, over the years, dwindled, but those that remain stand witness to a period in which Colombo was hailed, by those all around the world, as ‘The Garden City of the East’.

There is evidence that many of the trees that grace the city’s sidewalks are exotic trees, and the first of their species to be brought to Sri Lanka – then Ceylon – as part of the British regime’s plan for the city.

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The cave of the Demon King

Roar Life—At the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s hill country, nestled in dense forests and farms, lies Ella. This popular backpacking destination is known for its trekking trails, waterfalls, and spice gardens.

Most travellers, however, are unaware of the mythological significance of this hill destination. Ella truly is a part of Sri Lanka, a land that is steeped in myths and legends.

One larger than life character within this realm of fascinating stories is a pre-historic king named Ravana. Hindus from India know him as the villain of the religious epic, the Ramayana.

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 Four of Sri Lanka’s finest boutique hotels

Harpers Bazaar—Positioned just above the Equator, Sri Lanka is a relatively small yet breathtakingly beautiful island that’s bursting with culture, energy, history and diversity.

This predominantly Buddhist country is home to spectacular temples and caves; its coast is fringed with hot white sands and deep-blue crashing waves, with resident turtles, dolphins and even whales.

Best for… post- or pre-flight relaxation: The Wallawwa, Colombo.

Best for… panoramic views: Water Garden, Sigiriya.

Best for… families: Taylors Hill, Kandy.

Best for… beaches: The Fort Bazaar, Galle Fort.

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Sri Lanka’s best-kept travel secrets

The Sun UK—Eight in 10 Brits say they want to escape the usual tourist traps on their next holiday—and Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka is high on the list of top destinations.

The list of under-the-radar travel secrets was compiled by worldwide travel experts Kuoni, whose spokesperson Rachel O’Reilly said: “While the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal attract thousands of visitors per year between them, a generation of travellers are now seeking more secluded beauty spots.

And the top five are:

Views of the Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh, India.

The island of Gili Meno, Indonesia.

El Nido Pangulasian Island, Philippines.

Jaffna, north Sri Lanka.

Con Dao Island, Vietnam.

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Just Back: A sweaty slog through a Sri Lankan rainforest

The Telegraph UK—I am roused from sticky slumber by my partner attempting to shoo an obstinate monitor lizard from the porch. It is unreasonably early and steam still pours off the steep hillside as we lace up and slip into the dark fringe of Sinharaja.

This fecund rainforest adorns the south of Sri Lanka, providing shelter for a bewildering array of wildlife. Roots twist deviously, seeking to screw an ankle or stub a toe. Our guide, Ravi, barefoot and nimble, picks a haphazard track ahead of us.

He is limber and slaloms easily through the densely packed boles of trees. His keen eyes home in on infinitesimally small movements, ever wary of lethal snakes.

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