The UK’s Independent Newspaper reports that “in recovering from 26 years of civil war, Sri Lanka has shot to the top of the list of hip holiday destinations. But the real magic happens when you go off-script”.

“Sri Lanka might have emerged as the ‘hot’ holiday destination of 2016, filling the Instagram feeds of a studiously beach-boho set drawn to its reliable surf and covetable new crop of chic boutique hotels, but the real highlight for me was somewhat scruffier, and far further inland.

“Taking the (very) slow scenic train from the tea hills of Talawakelle to the mountain town of Haputale, I was not alone in hanging gleefully out of the windows, looking down at terrifying drops into fairytale forests and out across the hills towards the sea.”

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Sri Lanka’s Tourism Festival to dazzle Colombo

Lanka Business Online says that “with the festive season just around the corner elaborate plans are being made to transform the city of Colombo in to a Tourism Wonderland from the 20th to the 23rd of December this year.

“The idea behind this unique event is to portray Sri Lankan food, culture, gems, handicrafts, tea, shopping and entertainment at one venue during the height of the tourist season. According to sources at Sri Lanka Tourism, this year’s Tourism Fest will be a bigger and better version of last year.

“One of the main attractions for tourists will be an exposition of Sri Lankan culture and heritage presented by Central Cultural Fund showcasing photographs, artifact replicas and books.”

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Venture out of Africa on a safari in Sri Lanka

The Chicago Tribune in the US reports that “when it comes to safaris, you generally think of African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa or Botswana.

“But Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is teeming with wildlife that will quicken the pulse of any wildlife lover. The island nation just off the tip of India in the Indian Ocean is home to herds of Asian elephants and a wealth of primates, including Toque macaques, leaf monkeys and gray langurs.

“Yala National Park in the southeastern part of the country has the largest concentration of leopards in the world.”

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UK No.1 European market and world’s 3rd

ITCM (Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings) reports that Tourism Minister John Amaratunga “confirmed that the UK is the third largest market and No. 1 tourism market for Sri Lanka from Europe accounting for approximately 10% of the country’s tourist arrivals in 2015.

“With 143,412 British visitors so far this year, an increase of 17.3%, Sri Lanka Tourism anticipates reaching 200,000 British tourist arrivals by the end of 2016”, and has a vision of reaching a total of 4.5 million international visitors 2020.

The report adds that “Sri Lanka is known as the Wonder of Asia due to the island’s unique compactness, diversity and authenticity. The differentiating aspects that set Sri Lanka apart are its’ nature, heritage and culture combined with sun, sea and sand. Visitors can literally enjoy 8 different experiences in 8 wonderful days”.

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How to select the best beach in Sri Lanka

Tokyo-based Compathy Magazine says that “most of the travellers visit Sri Lanka to spend their holidays in beautiful beaches. Beach holiday bungalows and beach hotels are very popular among foreigners as they enjoy water sports organized by the hoteliers in the area”.

“Arugam Bay is a bay situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka’s Southeast coast. The beach is popular as one of the best surfing destinations in the world and many events are organised during the year by the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority to promote the beach.

“Arugam Bay has it’s own specific climate with less rain compared to other areas in Sri Lanka. Except November and December most of the other months are perfect for surfing and other activities.”

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