What makes a Sri Lankan tick? Why, our carefully curated social media gossip of course!


The switched-on folks at Sri Lanka foodie website Yamu have a way with words, and newcomer Nanelle is no exception—altogether informative, witty, insightful and a joy to read!

Her first—and hopefully the first of many—post is all about what she calls ‘modern Lankan symbols’, including “how do we represent ourselves on social media?”

She says: “In an age, where your degree and the new job matters mainly to your amma, her amma and their friends, what truly rocks your world may be your carefully curated social media presence.”

“So, you are engaged in a meaningful conversation about ales vs lager on a pub crawl. Before you know it, you are talking-up Sri Lanka. This calls for a bit of social media exposure because no conversation is complete without a little Instagram showdown of train rides to Ella, pictures of isso wadai and chill hammock selfies set against paradisal beaches.

“Whether our posts are what the internet-experts call ‘basic’ or ‘actual goals’, as we sort through various combinations of sari selfies, candid bikini shots and master the perfect beach to sea ratio, we are leaving clues of our innate Sri Lankanism.

“We are inventing a certain hieroglyph that represents us. Let’s take a look at symbols that represent us and what they say about us.”

Tuk Tuks—Not fast, but very furious!

Known onomatopoeically, tuk tuks have been pulsing around Sri Lanka forever. Yet they were not always a cheap and reliable option. Around 10-15 years ago tuks weren’t so easy to find outside of central Colombo, in the peripheral suburbs. In the occasion, you did find one, you had better be prepared for a marathon of haggling to get to a reasonable price.

Umbrella Lovers

An umbrella is universally a very practical device. But nowhere else in the world is it also the most important tool in a relationship. Lankan lovers take refuge under the metal framed, folding canopies to escape the disapproving glares of absolute strangers, who care like it’s their own business.

The Surfboard

Frankly, not all of us surf, nor are we interested in ever braving the wert whirls of certain surf ayyas. However, surf culture is massive. It’s a multi-million-dollar industry, a form of expression, a lifestyle, an excuse to throw on those racer-back bikinis and run around the beach without getting side eye from aunties, and we want a piece of that.

And much more! Read about it here.

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