For a website that deals in shiny stuff you might covet if you won the lottery, Gear Patrol has a pretty eclectic menu—including a foodie recipe section.

Its latest post—‘How To Make A Curry Feast’—is devoted to Sri Lanka, and will be dear to the hearts of everyone who likes our deliciously spicy cuisine.

It reports that “in Sri Lanka, the joke goes that anything can be curried, from goat to pumpkin to cashew nuts”.

“Sri Lankan cuisine is hotter and uses more coconut than that of its neighbor, India; it also utilizes curry powders that are roasted after they are mixed.”

And a word of caution for tourists: “It’s always eaten with the hands, which locals will tell you enhances the dining experience, though for the outsider it can take considerable practice.” Quite!

Read the full post here.

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