Major effort launched in Sri Lanka to clear tourist beaches of plastic rubbish washed in on the tides


A high-profile effort to keep popular tourist beaches in Sri Lanka clear of plastic rubbish washed in on the tides has been launched.

The government is to buy a high-tech ocean-cleaning vessel with the help of funds provided by Spain.

The Daily Mirror reports plans to “clean 14 tourist beaches and to upgrade them among the best beaches according to international standards”.


The initiative launched by the Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry was announced by Deputy Minister of Environment Ajith Mannapperuma.

He said that “a cleanliness of a beach was a main factor tourists considered when making decisions on destinations”.

He added that the ship would be also used in removing oil spills as well as collect marine debris and macro-plastic waste.


A recent report by the Daily News says that “those who earn their livelihood through the tourism industry are conscious of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the beach”.

It adds that “employees of majority of the beach hotels located around the coastal stretch of Sri Lanka are engaged in beach cleaning with the participation of foreign holiday makers”.

“This is being turned into a fast spreading and healthy trend among tourists who are environmentally conscious.”

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