Major boost announced for ‘rain-or-shine’ year-round tourism in Sri Lanka

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe: “We must make Sri Lanka a 365-day destination.”

A major boost for ‘rain-or-shine’ year-round tourism in Sri Lanka has been announced by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

“We must make Sri Lanka a 365-day destination,” he said. “There will be rain somewhere, but sunshine in another place. You can fly anywhere within two hours. If you land in Mattala if it is raining there you should be able to go on another direction.”

He told the Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association that “there will be a new Tourism Promotion Law. The Tourism Authority will not alone run the industry. I have also told the Tourism Authority Chairman to come up with a restructuring plan.”

That includes more international festivals such as the World Choir Games, the largest choir competition in the world organised for amateur choirs by the Interkultur Foundation.

Activities for the tourists

The Daily Mirror reports the minister as saying: “There will be golf courses in Galle, Kandy, Iranawilla. We have got to think of activities for the tourists. We can think of cruise lines, luxury trains etc. There will be two new museums.

“We will be talking to stake holder in the tourist industry. We got to help the small-timers. Some countries have separate focus on informal accommodation sector. We will get all of them registered. We have got to think of non-accommodation sectors as well.

“If we have enough musicians, dancers we have to focus on it. These trades, needed for the tourism industry, will be thought in schools in the upper grades.”

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