Major beach and coral cleanup in Sri Lanka marks Beat Plastic Pollution drive for World Environment Day


The Sri Lanka Aqua Club has marked World Environment Day with ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, a major cleanup of the beaches and coral reefs around Sri Lanka.

The crusade is led by diver Jehan Pieris, a PADI master scuba-diver trainer. He says: “We removed plastic that was stuck in the corals and other pollutants from the seabed on April 8 this year.

“In addition to cleaning the sea bed, we also cleaned the beaches, filling huge bags with plastic bottles, old nets, fishing lines and many other pollutants from the Wellawatte and Dehiwala beaches.”


Reports the Sunday Times: “Along with Sheran Cooke of Suren Cooke Agencies, he formulated a plan to mitigate the effects of this widespread pollution, putting together a team of divers to clean some of the beaches as well as the sea.

“In the over 40 years that he has been diving, has seen how the waters around Sri Lanka have changed– from a sea that was crystal clear to a murky pollution-filled one.

“Taking people diving off Mount Lavinia, once a wonderful experience, now only saddens him because of the sight of garbage lodged in the corals.”

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Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan Navy has also stepped in clean up Galle Face Green in the capital Colombo, one of the city’s prime tourist attractions.

Its website reports that, “the initiative carried out by approximately 50 naval personnel belonging to the establishments of SLNS Rangalla, Parakrama and Kelani won high praise from the public”.

“The Galle Face Green, which is one of the most popular places of tourist attraction in the city of Colombo has been littered with rubbish, polythene bags etc, ruining the scenic beauty of the location.”

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