Mahagedara Retreat in Sri Lanka charms and enchants Canadian travel blogger and nature lover Lauren


Travel blogger Lauren travelled all the way from Ontario, Canada, to immerse herself in the mindfulness of Mahagedara, “a luxurious getaway in the Sri Lankan jungle”.

She writes: “You’re in the middle of nature, yet spoiled with comforts and hospitality. You’re relaxing during one of the daily spa treatments, listening to the songs of hundreds of birds”.

It’s a place that “helps you achieve balance in your life. You can cater this restorative and rejuvenating experience precisely to your wants and needs.”


Apart from its stunning surroundings, Mahagedara is a wellness spa and yogo retreat where “the scents of traditional Sri Lankan curries fill the air as your healthful meals are almost ready to be served”.

Writes Lauren, a vegan: “One night, we ate a traditional roti dish, cooked on a flat cooktop outdoors. We dined by the light of torches by the swimming pool. It was a magical evening!”

Most of Mahagedara’s food comes from their own garden. There are ruits and vegetables and an Ayurvedic garden, including native plants used for thousands of years for healing.


She says: “From Mahagedara Retreat, we took daily excursions to see attractions in Sri Lanka. The accommodation is right near the Cultural Triangle, close to some of the most popular and intriguing places.

“We went to Sigiriya Rock, also known as the Lions Rock. It’s often called the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, an ancient palace and fortress on the top of its mammoth rock plateau.

“The Dambulla cave temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s the best preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka. There are 153 Buddha statues, and murals covering 23,000 square feet!”

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