Low season delights of Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka—a surfer’s paradise full of local charm and experiences


Arugam Bay has one of the best-known surfing beaches in Sri Lanka—but there is much more to this idyllic tropical resort than just sea’n’surf!

That’s particularly the case during low season, when there are no hipsters and madding crowds boosting the resort’s high-season café culture.

Which is when bloggers Nat n Zin— Nathan and Zinara—for whom community-based ‘responsible travel’ is a way of life, chose to visit.


Writes Zin: “We went to Arugam Bay earlier this year and loved everything about the quaint hamlet on Sri Lanka’s East Coast.

“Since it was the ‘off-season’ it was far away from the Arugam Bay we had heard of.

“While we’d love to have a glimpse of Arugam Bay’s laid-back café culture the next time we visit, we fell in love with the kind-hearted locals, secluded beaches, abundant wildlife and the visits to tiny, remote villages.”


So, she writes, “if you are looking for something to do in Arugam Bay apart from surfing, here is a list of amazing, cultural experiences you could have in Arugam Bay”.

Top of the list was a canoeing safari in Kottukal lagoon, a visit to the picturesque Komari lagoon and beach, a farmer’s garden in Urani, and a Safari at Kumana National Park.

Last but not least was learning to cook Sri Lankan rice and curry, “which we loved our cooking experience so much that we even did a separate blog about it”.

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