Love Sri Lanka’s marine cuisine? Try these outstanding international recipes for delicious seafood!

As seafood lovers the world over flock to Sri Lanka for our fantastic marine cuisine, Guardian UK goes bonkers with a four-part 20 best seafood recipes feature.

Our favourite is Vivek Singh’s king prawns in coconut curry sauce. He writes: “Chingri malai curry is one of the all-time favourite Bengali dishes, reserved for very special guests, big celebratory dinners, weddings and so on.

“I remember this dish once served inside a green tender coconut. As a child, I was told the term malai refers to the creamy flesh inside the green coconut that can be enjoyed while tucking into the coconut.”

Read more here.

Next up, Jordan Bourke and Rejina Pyo’s seafood and spring onion pancake—haemul pa-jeon

This dense, savoury pancake makes a fantastic starter or sharing dish with everyone diving in with their chopsticks, mopping up some of the soy dipping sauce along the way.

Extremely popular as a snack in Korea, this dish can be made your own with whatever selection of seafood you like.

Read more here.

Followed by Sam and Sam Clark’s monkfish rice with saffron – paella de rape con azafrán. Clams or prawns can be added to this rice with great success. Put the prawn shells in the stock for extra flavour.

Read all about it here.

And last but certainly not least, Nathan Outlaw’s chilli-cured salmon, avocado and tomato.

Salmon is an excellent fish to cure, as its oiliness and texture are perfectly suited to the technique. The avocado and tomato salsa is so fresh and zingy it complements the rich fish perfectly.

If that chilli kick is a bit too much for you, serve a dollop of natural yogurt with the salmon.

More total yumminess here.

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