Once again we travel with Lisa and Manju, our two young adventurers from Malaysia, as they continue their epic exploration of Sri Lanka (see here and here).

They arrived on our Paradise island with Pledge Holidays and sky-high expectations—and have certainly not been disappointed as they enjoy a thrilling safari in Yala National Park.

Writes Manju: “We spent two days, including one night glamping with the folks from KuluSafaris. We went on two safaris, one in the evening and the other early in the morning.

“Our guide Errol De Niese* was amazing. He had a great acute sense of sight… He spotted a leopard from far away when the rest of us saw only a tree! He also has extensive knowledge of birds and knew all their names.

“In total, the safaris to Yala National Park guided by KuluSafaris was a great highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka. We had seen so many types of animals, we were both like kids again soaking up every moment of the safari.

“This comes highly recommended for future travellers to this country. KuluSafaris is for the win!”

*Leopard picture by Errol De Niese.

Stay tuned for the next episodes of Lisa and Manju in Sri Lanka!


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