A life less ordinary thrives and prospers amid the delights of life in Sri Lanka!

Podcasts—nothing to see, just listening to spoken words instead of reading them—are a great way to engage the mind without overloading it.

And here we have the fruits of a long chat with Alice Luker, a British photographer and blogger who has “used her creativity and love of exploration to build an adventurous life in Sri Lanka”.

She is featured on A Life Less Ordinary, a podcast website hosted by Tanya Warnakulasuriya and Udhara de Silva that “looks at the journeys of Asia’s extraordinary individuals”.

Writes Udhara: “For the first season of our show, we went to Sri Lanka, and talked to innovators, creators, thought leaders, adventurers and misfits.

“We looked at the little steps they took, the ordinary things they did, to become who they are. We hope you’ll listen in wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.”

The Alice episode highlights her Style In Sri Lanka blog, where for the past few years she’s been taking exquisite pictures of Sri Lankan culture, food, architecture and destinations and posting them as @StyleInSriLanka on Instagram.

Both include local recipes, interviews with fascinating Sri Lankans, and destination pieces about the island. With over 30,000 loyal Instagram fans, she is one of Sri Lanka’s most creative digital influencers.

Says Udhara: “Travel opens our eyes to so many different ways of living, different perspectives, different cultures, and of course, different kinds of cuisine. You could fall so deeply in love with a country, that you dream of one day living there and adopting it as your second home.

“Well, that’s exactly what Alice Luker did.”


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