Let Sri Lanka love cake add its delicious, fragrant, sweet spiciness to your Valentine’s Day!


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and romance in the air, all you need is … love cake!

Some say this wonderful Sri Lankan delicacy descends from the Portuguese bolo di amor, and that the name reflects the care and attention needed to make it.

But we like to think that it’s called love cake because of its delicious, fragrant, sweet spiciness—just like true love itself!


According to Roar Life, “it’s hard to imagine someone not falling in love with a girl who can make a good love cake”.

That’s because it takes on a life of its own with its nutmeg, cashews and cinnamon, plus the flavours and fragrances of the Moors and Arabs who came as traders and stayed.

Says Roar: “Love cake is a delicious, fragrant, sweet, lightly spiced, beautiful cake made out of semolina. The ideal love cake would have a chewy inside and a crunchy exterior ‒ just like an exotic brownie.”


It is not an easy cake to get just right—a moist and honey-anointed centre, spicy aroma, essences, rose water, a slow baked semolina crust and the crunch of pumpkin preserve.

But when you do, often from recipes handed down from mother to daughter, “it is a beautiful example of how food connects families, preserves traditions and cultures, makes the best memories, and provides something for families to bond over”.

So this Valentine’s Day, let a little love cake go a long way!

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