This adventure-challenge-of-a-lifetime comes with three wheels, Sri Lanka’s peerless scenic variety—and the epic feel-good factor of supporting some worthy global charitable causes.

Organised by LARGE Minority, the two upcoming Lanka Challenges—the Southern Route, from August 20–28 this year, and the Northern Route next year—will star a fantastic assortment of Sri Lanka’s fabled tuk-tuks.

Each will be driven by volunteer adventurers, themselves driven by a determination to beat the odds, have a lot of fun and do something so totally different that it’s completely off the scale.

Says one: “I’ve been travelling for over 40 years, and the Lanka Challenge is far and away the most incredible and rewarding trip I’ve ever done. The most admirable aspect was the ‘light touch’ achieved – never bossy or prescriptive, just gentle guidance and warning.”

And says LARGE Minority: “Our trips are adventure challenges. They’ll challenge you mentally and physically, but there’ll be enough help and support along the way to get you over the line.

“Think The Amazing Race, minus the TV cameras and annoying presenters. During the evenings, whether you’re camping next to a remote lake or nestling in to a boutique hotel, you’ll be toasting your success and swapping the day’s stories with your fellow adventurers. And boy, will there be stories.

“And the best part? Our challenges are designed to benefit the countries we visit. We make sure our trips give more to the locals than they take, so you can rest assured that your kickass adventure is having a direct, positive impact on the communities you’ll pass through.”

Southern-route-Google-mapThe Lanka Challenge – Southern Route 2016

After a training day at the Tamarind Tree Hotel, a short drive from Bandaranaike International Airport, the challenge route will take in Kandy, Nuwaraeliya, Eginiyagala, Passikudah, Sigiriya and Minuwangoda.

LARGE Minority stress that they are committed to:

  • Preserving and conserving natural resources, flora and fauna, and mitigating any possible negative impacts on the environment.
  • Promoting, disseminating and preserving the cultural heritage in a responsible manner.
  • Developing tourist activities which improve the quality of life of stakeholders in socio-economic terms.

“Large Minority exists to provide you with the best gosh-darned adventure challenges in the world! From driving tuk-tuks across Sri Lanka and Cambodia to navigating Colombia’s Amazon River in a canoe and island hoping in the Philippines, we make the surreal, real.

“We’ve put in the hard graft and organised everything for you. All you have to do is turn up, get in and drive. Checking a map every now and then is encouraged, but ultimately optional.”

Check out the Lanka Challenge website here.


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