Anuksha’s labour of love captures the heart of Sri Lanka—a picture-book story of passion and compassion


The Pulitzer-Prize-winning Tampa Bay Times in Florida reports on how a young girl whose parents are from Sri Lanka has published an amazing book of photographs.

‘Sri Lanka: Through My Eyes’ is a labour of love, a picture-book story of passion and compassion by Anuksha Wickramasinghe, a 15-year-old sophomore at the exclusive Berkeley Preparator School.

The story is told through pictures of Sri Lanka’s wildlife—turtles, parakeets, monkeys, storks, eagles, crocodiles, leopards, water buffalo, deer, boar and elephants—photographed on safaris.


She says: “From a young age, I have been raised to appreciate the culture of Sri Lanka, from how I look to the food I eat to the language.

“It is a very beautiful land. But I have also experienced the people and that’s where I have learned so much more.’’

Proceeds from the book will go to Grace Girls’ Home, an orphanage in Trimcomalee, where Anuksha says she met girls who “had to suffer atrocities that no human being should ever have to endure”.


She forged a deep relationship with the girls, and will work to establish a library at the home.” Nothing was more amazing than those girls. For them to smile and be so kind and loving after all they have experienced, it truly made an impression on me.”

Kim Lawless, Berkeley Prep’s Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning, said she’s impressed by the passion of Anuksha’s photography—but even more taken by the compassion behind the book’s purpose.

“Anuksha has combined her passion for photography with service to others, which is pretty remarkable,’’ Lawless said. “By telling her stories, you clearly see she has a heart for others and wants to make the world a better place.”

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For more information on ‘Sri Lanka: Through My Eyes’, e-mail Anuksha at See the photos on Instagram at

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