Kiteboarding heaven in Sri Lanka for a sensation-seeking foodie adventurer and his family from Australia


For Aussie kiteboarding fanatic Luke Crantock and his family, Sri Lanka is the adventure playground that has everything, as he writes in The Weekend Australian.

Says Luke: “Kiteboarding is my family’s passion and so, on an annual pilgrimage, my sons and I head to Kitesurfing Lanka, a beachside hotel and school at Kalpitiya.

“This is kiteboarding heaven. Fellow travellers from across the world and of varied professions have kiteboarding as their common enthusiasm and excited conversations make for long friendships.”


And it’s not just about board, wind, adrenaline and sheer nerve. Writes Luke: “Sri Lanka is a jewel in the Indian Ocean offering travellers a wealth of culture.

“It is a place fragrant with exotic spice gardens, hillside tea plantations, spectacular beaches, wildlife safaris and great possibilities for adventure.”

There’s also the renowned Sri Lanka cuisine—and that includes clams he caught himself while foraging in the surf.


As he says, “there is some satisfaction in hunting and gathering and, within no time, our collection bag is full of pink and grey shells”.

“We have to be quick. These are fast-moving creatures and must be seized quickly.

But exposed, they are, for just a brief moment, delightful pickings for sea birds and, dare I say it, hungry humans.”

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