Only in America! But this time with a little help from a Sri Lanka lady determined win a new car—by kissing it for 50 hours non-stop!

Dilini Jayasuriya collared the keys to a $23,108 2017 Kia Optima LX after a playoff with six other kissaholics in the ‘Kiss a Kia’ contest held by—yes, you guessed it—KISS FM radio.

The Daily Mirror reports that Jayasuriya, who is from Sri Lanka and who works in a state health lab, said she and her husband were sharing one car since she had to give up on her 1998 Toyota Camry because it broke down too much.

Jayasuriya said she “had a couple of freak-out moments”, but forced herself to keep going. She had a 10-minute break every hour, and for health-and-safety reasons had to spend time sitting and standing.

The event drew national attention and part of it was filmed by ABC-TV’s Good Morning America.

Anne Hudson, an on-air personality for the radio station, said she was not surprised that seven people lasted the full 50 hours. “They were determined,” she said.

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