Kandy to Ella train ‘the best way to experience the magic and mystery of Sri Lanka’s famed Hill Country’


The train journey from Kandy, capital of Sri Lanka’s famed Hill Country, and Ella, a magnet for hikers and adventure travellers, is regularly named by the travel trade as among the best in the world.

With good reason. If you want to see the full magic and mystery of our epic landscapes, this is the way to do it.

Latest to sing its praises—something of a surprise, as it’s firmly grounded on four wheels rather than rails—is the Ella Budget Taxi website.


It says: “There’s a lot of places which have stunning backdrops for you to see, but there’s few that can claim to have what this train journey has – a perfectly preserved window into life on a daily basis.”

“You go high up into the mountains, so the views are absolutely breathtaking. As you’ll be going through so many different terrains on this roughly four hour trip, you’ll see a lot of awesome things.

“Obviously, you’ll see the mountains and the beautiful countryside, but you’ll also pass things like little villages and even tea fields.”


Among its tips for travellers is that, although there are different seats and classes, “it has to be said that the first class observation car is probably the best bet for tourists”.

This specially designed car means you can best enjoy the views, and there’s also snacks and drinks available.

And it warns that you have to book in plenty of time because it’s extremely popular, and “you’ll soon see why it’s such a coveted tourist attraction”.

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