Incredible $25,000 desert complete with edible gold, silver and a blue sapphire launched in Sri Lanka


The word ‘astounding’ doesn’t cross our lips that often, so when it does it’s because something happens that is—well, truly and utterly astounding, not to say beyond belief!

Such is the case with this astonishingly extravagant confection being marketed by the Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya, with a little help from Sri Lankan cricketing legend Kumar Sangakkara and his wife Yeheli (pictured below).

Dubbed the world’s most expensive dessert, ‘Marry Me’—replete with edible gold, silver and a blue sapphire—costs an astounding US$25,000. That’s nearly four million Sri Lankan rupees!

The Daily Mirror reports that the launch of this culinary Titanic was witnessed by Tourism Minister John Amaratunga (pictured below) at an elaborate, not to say magisterially majestic, ceremony at the hotel.

The dessert, crafted with dark chocolate from Madagascar, edible gold, silver and many other exotic ingredients, is a creation of Chef Viraj Jayaratne, who celebrates 25 years as a top chef.

And it is apparently already receiving orders and positive feedback from jaded diners who reportedly can’t wait to dip their spoons into the culinary equivalent of a family car. Or house.

Says Chef Jayaratne: “Our hotel is one of the oldest in the country. The General Manager came up with the concept to grab the world’s attention and to promote tourism in Nuwara Eliya.

“This is why we decided to invite star cricketer Kumar Sangakkara because he has done so much to promote Sri Lanka. There have been desserts in the past but nothing like this.” No, really?

He added that “the concept was to promote Sri Lanka and the Grand Hotel in an era where hotels were mushrooming”. He’s certainly done that, although not necessarily for the right reason.

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