The Hindu English-language newspaper in India reports how The Dewarists, a hit musical television series on MTV, travelled to Sri Lanka to shoot the final season 5 episode of this must-watch programme.

“A Bollywood film composer who seldom gets to write a love song and a classical percussion maestro who loves stepping out of his comfort zone are sent on a blind date to Sri Lanka.

“The rest is the plot of music and travel show The Dewarists’ season 5 finale episode, featuring Amit Trivedi and V. Selvaganesh exploring, jamming, composing and recording a song called ‘Panchiyaa’.

“It was shot among beaches and shores of various locations in Sri Lanka, and Selvaganesh lauds that the video team’s vision was very close to his musical idea of a sprawling sound.”

Selvaganesh recalls: “They were hearing the song and sequencing it visually, in terms of frames. If you notice, the video has a lot of wide shots, because the song needs that. When I was recording the song, I was thinking of exactly that. They’re amazing.”

Concludes The Hindu: “So it was a blind date that was more like a holiday, then – to be given a free hand to make any kind of music. But Trivedi does joke about the one un-holiday-like condition set by The Dewarists’ producers.

He laughs: “I’m sure even Selva sir will agree with me on this, it was a holiday except for the fact that we had to be up at 5:30 every morning to shoot. We both hated it, except that everything was holiday.”

Read the full report here.

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