Dr Rae Kwon Chung

Healing tourism ideal for Sri Lanka’s rich tradition of health and wellness

Sri Lanka’s rich traditions of ayurvedic health and wellness makes it a prime candidate for healing tourism, according to international climate expert Dr Rae Kwon Chung.

Ceylon Today reports that Dr Chung “has suggested that, with the rich spiritual values Sri Lanka possesses, ‘Healing Tourism’ might be a good positioning for its tourism industry”.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is best known as the former Principal Advisor on Climate Change at the United Nations Executive Office of the Secretary-General.

Rich spiritual values like Buddhism promote healing tourism to the world

Dr Chung was sharing his ideas during the recent Sri Lanka Economic Summit at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo. He said: “If you harmonize the natural eco-system with rich spiritual values like Buddhism you can promote a brand like Healing Tourism to the world while others are promoting eco-tourism.”

He observed that Sri Lanka “not only has breathtaking landscapes, but is also rich in good spiritual values”, and that “eco-tourism has more attention focused on it today than ever before, especially from developed countries”.

Highlighting Green Growth he said that the conventional High Carbon Brown Growth model is now out dated, therefore, “do not get fooled by the conventional commercial economist. They are against the Low Carbon Green Growth model”.

However, the Low Carbon Green Growth model has proven that it has the capability to produce more employment opportunities and higher growth. He also mentioned that many countries oppose this transformation only considering the short-term but in the long run you can benefit more from a Low Carbon Green Growth model.

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