Good news for Sri Lanka continues to hit the headlines as our Pearl of the Indian Ocean is once again hailed as a must-visit global tourism and holiday destination.

“Being an island nation, from beaches, to historic places, to wild life, to anything – Sri Lanka has everything to attract any type of tourist to this beautiful country. There is no doubt, the future of Sri Lanka is indeed rosy.”

peter_duckerThese words by Peter Ducker (pictured right) CEO of the Institute of Hospitality (IH), were reported by when he attended a briefing by the Sri Lankan branch of the institute in Colombo.

He also underlined the huge economic benefits for all Sri Lankans as the tourism industry expands to encompass the full range of offerings sought by global travellers, from beaches to cultural history, wonderful scenery and wildlife.

He said: “If Sri Lanka could employ 800,000 in the tourism industry by 2020 it would be an incredible achievement. Bear in mind, 800,000 employees in the tourism industry also means many thousands more working in other related supply chains. This will create a tremendous opportunity to boost the economy of Sri Lanka.”

Read the full report here.

Meanwhile, President Maithripala Sirisena was hosting the first day of the inaugural Asia Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference (AHTIC) in Colombo.

president-ahticHe is pictured right with Gerald Lawless, Chairman, World Travel & Tourism Council and Head of Tourism and Hospitality, Dubai Holding, a principle speaker at the conference.

As reported by ColomboPage, President Sirisena has designated 2017, 2018, and 2019 as the Years of Tourism and Investment for a Prosperous Sri Lanka “to win all challenges in the fields of hotel and tourism in Sri Lanka by 2020”.

Says ColomboPage: “The three-day conference titled ‘True Colours: Showcasing hotel and tourism investment in Asia’ has attracted an international audience of senior figures and decision-makers involved in all aspects of hotel and tourism investment in South Asia and brings together international speakers to share key insights.”

This after research by Euromonitor reported in TravelDailyNews confirms Sri Lanka as “star attraction for tourism investment”. The report says that the Sri Lankan government “has realised the golden opportunity that tourism offers the island as it emerges from years of conflict”.

vishnu-vardhan-euromonitorThe author, Vishnu Vardhan (pictured right) says: “The world is slowing down economically. People are looking for economical places to travel, so there’s an interest in inexpensive destinations.

“Sri Lanka is one of them. Growth in the sector was by 17 per cent in 2014-15 in terms of the number of inbound arrivals. Its lower cost is a main driver of visitor growth.”

The findings will provide useful background for discussion at the Asia Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference (AHTIC) (see above).

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