Glamorous hospitality blogger Angela Sibal launched Foodicles to focus on luxury travel, for which read food and hotels—“that feeling of coming home to clean comfort and friendly, pampering hospitality”.

“Additionally, I love food too much not to share my culinary explorations and dining experiences. From food halls and food markets to restaurants and bars. I cannot stop eating and drinking my way around the world.”

Today she’s once again in Sri Lanka, specifically reveling in the ‘glamping’ experience offered by Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge, “which lavishes guests with the ultimate luxury tent experience in Sri Lanka”.

Set in the midst of a working tea plantation, where each tent has a terrific view of the Hill Country mountains, the tents are comfortably spacious for two adults.

Complete with outdoor patio—“perfect for a cup of tea in the morning while watching the sunrise”— the whole experience, service, amenities, and comfort “will not even feel like camping in a tent at all, but rather breathing in the freshest air in your luxury hotel bedroom”.

She says: “Welcome home. This is your luxury tent bedroom. Look at this spaciousness and privacy. You can unzip your windows for fresh clean air. The lights in the evening are dim but sufficient for the camping setup.”

And the food? “Guests at Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge have their fill of delicious meals and drinks throughout the day with a complete breakfast, an a la carte lunch, a set dinner, and a full bar’s cocktail menu.”

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In a previous post entitled 5 Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka, Angela says that “for travelers seeking an adventure, whether for budget travelers or luxury travelers, Sri Lanka must be a destination”.

“Sri Lanka’s natural beauty surrounds the grounds of the entire country – from beaches to forests to the hill country. For complete serenity, drive to central Sri Lanka into the tea plantations.”

And of course there’s the food. “In less than a week, I have fallen in love with Sri Lankan cuisine. Because of its tropical climate, coconut is incorporated in most dishes. Imagine starting your day with this hearty local breakfast of egg curry and dhal with string hoppers”.

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