The story of how 28-year-old Janey Lowes left Newcastle in the North of England to help save the lives of over 5,000 unwanted street dogs in Sri Lanka has been told in a BBC Inside Out documentary.

The popular tabloid Mirror newspaper splashed the story online, revealing that Janey “helps dogs with problems ranging from mange and ticks to rabies and machete wounds”.

Janey, who won Vet of the Year at last year’s Daily Mirror’s Animal Hero Awards (pictured below), says: “So many are in such a bad way, I’m amazed they’re alive. I am in surgery every day but a lot of it is also about showing them compassion. I feel these are all my dogs and I have a responsibility to them.

“Even when they are owned, the majority are used as guard dogs, tied up on a chain in the heat or kept in a crate 23hours of the day. So on top of treating dogs, we are aiming to educate people.”

Read the full report here.

The story is taken up by the Newcastle Chronicle, Janey’s local daily newspaper.

It reports how Janey received a Point of Light award last year for her inspiring volunteer work, prompting the then-Prime Minister David Cameron to praise her “true compassion”.

He also pointed out that by inoculating strays from disease she was similarly protecting “countless people” from rabies, a risk created by street dogs in Sri Lanka.

Read the full report here.

Janey Lowes wins Vet of the Year at last year’s Daily Mirror’s Animal Hero Awards

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