UK glam mag Look, part of the Time Inc stable including marie claire and InStyle, raves about Sri Lanka in their latest online offering, with writer Anna Duff saying she was treated “like Kate Middleton on a state visit”.

For those not completely au fait with courtly goings-on, the former Kate Middleton is now better known as the Duchess of Cambridge, the glamorous wife of Prince William, son of the late über glamerous Princess Diana, first wife of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. OK?

But enough of all that. Suffice to say that Anna was mega impressed with all that our Indian Ocean paradise island has to offer, including the somewhat mandatory visit to a tea plantation.

Of which she says: “This was genuinely a fascinating experience, and actually quite emotional. You can tell how proud they are of their way of life, and how keen they are to show it off. I’d highly recommend adding it to your to-see list.”

She also had a look around Galle Fort, “which is home to plenty of shops and restaurants. For those knowledgeable about architecture, the Dutch buildings will be right up your street. And if you’re in the business for Sri Lanka’s sparkling sapphires, pop into Place Vendome”.

For those aforesaid not-in-the-knows, the aforesaid Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, previously worn by Princess Diana, has as its centerpiece a glorious Sri Lankan sapphire. So now you know!

Anna concludes the piece by saying: “There’s still so much I’d like to explore in Sri Lanka, from whale watching to the national parks (where you’re likely to see elephants). The main thing I took away from the trip is the fact that it’d work for those who love relaxing on a beach, as well as those who are all about exploring.”

The full Look in Lanka report can be read here.


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